Silver Valley Farm

Silver Valley Farm  -  3995 Bacon Rind Road Reno, NV 89510


​​    Silver Valley Pumpkins and Christmas Trees is not just a destination for high quality and excellent customer service, but part of a greater journey for creating a special and unique experience for the Reno/Sparks Community.

    **UPDATE: With the growing popularity of the pumpkins in recent years, we decided to split the farm in half..dedicating 20 acres to pumpkins on one side, and 20 acres to Christmas trees on the other side. The pumpkin portion of the farm will open this year, October 2018. A number of changes have been made this year and it was decided to push back the opening year of the Christmas tree portion of the farm to December of 2021.  I am proud to say, Silver Valley Christmas Tree Farm will be the first Choose-and-Cut Christmas tree farm in the state of Nevada...right here in the Reno/Sparks area!  Customers will be able to grab a saw and cut their family Christmas tree and enjoy unique and exciting attractions.

     Our goal is to earn your business by continually improving and striving to provide the best experience possible.  We want to keep your business by raising the bar each year and finding ways to strengthen the tradition and bring families together to enjoy the holidays and create lasting memories for the people in our community,

     More than a business, Silver Valley is the name given to a vision, being molded through hard work, unwavering determination, and an effort shaped not only by the owner, but his family, friends and neighbors who graciously lend a hand to help see this vision come true.  A special thanks goes out to my family that has rallied behind me and been there when it counts...and again to my neighbors,  Joe, Bob C., Bob W., Larry and Mark for selflessly contributing in times of need.