Field Trips

Silver Valley Farm  -  3995 Bacon Rind Road Reno, NV 89510

Field Trips are available for scheduling:

September 15-30

      9am-5pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

October 1-17

     9am-5pm Thursday, Friday

Cost: $5/Child, Adults Free

Parents Welcome!

Duration 1 1/2 - 2 hours

Field Trip Itinerary                                                         Duration

Oral Presentation- Nevada Mining- Then and Now       5min

A fun look at how these shiny nuggets of precious

metals shaped Nevada history...both then and now

Activity- Panning for Gold in the Mining Flume             25min

and playing on the giant mining tire jungle

Oral Presentation- Trains: Connecting Nevada               5min

Interesting ways that trains transformed our lives

that we can still see to this day

Activity- Train Ride

Optional Activity- Bounce House Land               Up to 30 min

Oral Presentation- Pumpkins...Did you know?                5min

The origins of pumpkins and how this peculiar

holiday came to be the cherished holiday we 

love today

Activity- Picking a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch  25min